CTLT Professional Learning Community

The topics for PLC discussions are selected based upon the interests and needs of the community. All sessions are online and can be accessed on the CTLT's YouTube channel or Facebook page. For more information contact Dennis Culver at dculver@iastate.edu.


EndNote Web:

Learn more about EndNote Web, a web page that helps you search, collect, share and organize your research..

Learn about EndNote Web:
Get an introduction into EndNote Web and its basic features. recording link

Online Databases with EndNote Web
This video will show you how to export references from an online database to EndNote Web. recording link

Using EndNote Web with Microsoft Word
This video will show you how to use EndNote Web to add citations and biliographies to your Microsoft Word Documents. recording link

Evernote Series:

Learn more about Evernote, an app and web page that helps you collect and curate information.

Learn about Evernote:
Get an introduction into Evernote and its basic features. recording link

Learning and Research Tool
This video will show you some features of Evernote that are useful for learning and research. recording link

Capturing Webpages with Evernote
This video will demonstrate how Evernote Web Clipper and clearly can be used to easily capture and store content you find on the web. recording link

CyBox Series:

Learn more about ISU's new, free cloud storage service CyBox.

Learn about CyBox at ISU
Learn what CyBox is, who can use CyBox, how to upload a folder/item, and how to give access to others. recording link

Collaborating with CyBox
Learn how to collaborate, assign tasks, leave comments, and create due dates with others. recording link

Using Apps with CyBox
Learn how to use apps to make accessing and editing documents with CyBox easier. recording link

Google Series:

Google Drive
Learn how Google Drive is different from Google Docs, what Google Drive can be used for, how to use it on an iPad, and more! recording link


Google Sites
Learn how to create your own website, how Google Drive can work with Google Sites, how to analyze your site usage, and more! recording link

Google Scholar
Learn how to track your own citations, how to create email alerts, how to connect to ISU's library, and more! recording link