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About Learning Design Solutions

Educational Technology

Learning Design Solutions is an organization that provides educational technology consulting services within Iowa State University and communities throughout Iowa and beyond. Educational technology involves the study and practice of the theory, principles and processes by which technology may be used to facilitate /support learning and improve performance.


Learning Design Solutions' primary purpose is to create a context within which members (especially graduate students) can develop entrepreneurial skills and competencies (e.g., identify an opportunity, develop a business concept, assess the required resources, acquire the necessary resources, implement and manage, and harvest the venture), practice managing the organization's financial and business components in addition to honing their consulting skills and applying their educational technology expertise to learning problems. The students take responsibility for all roles within Learning Design Solutions including project management, customer relations, and advertising.


Creating instructional solutions for community clients for the purpose of training graduate students to a high level of skill is the major goal of this organization. Because Learning Design Solutions is also in alignment with the University's mission to advance entrepreneurial education and research, the organization gained support of the Pappajohn/Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurship and the College of Human Sciences. To provide organizational continuity over the years as students graduate and new students take over, the service center operates on a quasi-apprenticeship model where more experienced members train less experienced new members and mentor them.