Iowa State University
College of Human Sciences

Learning Design Solutions

We provide educational technology consulting services to both internal (ISU clients) and external clients (in and outside Iowa).
Below are the main services provided:

  • Analyze
    • Content, contexts and audiences to determine needs
    • Product & process efficiency
    • Both quantitative and qualitative data
    • Organizational goals and objectives

  • Design and Develop
    • Educational materials, including printed and digital
    • Online modules/courses
    • Online interactive experiences
    • Materials that follow instructional design principles and theories

  • Implement
    • Make recommendations about the most suitable implementation method(s)
    • Support and guide instructional implementation

  • Evaluate
    • The effectiveness of designed and developed instruction, training, and educational materials
    • Provide formative, informative and summative assessment, including constructive feedback
    • Usability of educational materials, including websites and apps
    • Make recommendations toward continuous improvement