Preservice teachers practice creative computing during technology lab

Students during EDUC 201 lab taught by Sarvinder Naberhaus practice creative computing using Osmo coding blocks with the main goal of looking into the ways technology can be used to teach mathematical concepts and promote mathematical thinking. Creative computing supports the development of personal connections to computing, by drawing upon creativity, imagination, and interests. It supports young learners’ development as computational thinkers.

Preservice teachers (El Ed & ECE majors) take EDUC 201 – Educational Technology in the PK-6 Classroom – as part of their teacher education preparation program to examine how technology can impact learning and how it can be used to solve instructional problems in classrooms.

Future teachers will need to use many different types of technologies that are part of our changing educational landscape. The course stimulates ideas about preservice teachers’ theoretical and practical knowledge of technology and the role technology plays in teaching and learning. 

banner photo from CHS Announcements – Photo of the Week (2/23/21)