A Unique Resource Center

The CTLT is a community comprised of a collaborative group of faculty, staff, and graduate and undergraduate students who have created a learning environment that continually demonstrates powerful applications of technology that improve student learning.

In the CTLT, research and practice on using technology to improve teaching and learning go hand in hand. The CTLT has spaces designed for whole-class instruction, collaborative group work, individual projects, and usability testing. It also provides users with opportunities to freely explore traditional and non-traditional technologies while simultaneously researching the ways these technologies can be used in education.

The CTLT faculty are continuously developing online learning experiences. These experiences range from utilizing social networking in the classroom to a complete Master of Education with specialization in Curriculum and Instructional Technology degree program at a distance. This online Master of Education program provides a flexible learning environment that is ideal for full-time teachers and other professionals looking to further their education.

The CTLT is housed within the School of Education in the College of Human Sciences.


Mission and Vision

The CTLT was founded with a vision of a center that would combine research, teaching, and service in a synergistic way that would help us achieve excellence in all three areas. Early on, we decided to focus our work on technology in teacher education, with this synergy in mind.

Watching the development of the CTLT over the years has been a positive and satisfying experience. The CTLT has evolved into a strong learning organization that is supported and developed by committed and capable faculty, staff, and graduate and undergraduate students.

Our vision has always included the establishment of a technology center that is dynamic, learner-centered, and alive with enthusiasm, new ideas, and discovery.