Resources Available in the CTLT

poster printer

Poster Printer

  • Print posters for conferences, research presentations, or other academic purposes. Use of the poster printer is provided on a first come, first serve basis. If you are needing a poster for an upcoming event, we recommend you print your poster well beforehand. This helps prevent a long line of people waiting to use the printer for the same event.

  • The CTLT will not print posters for you. You are expected to print your own poster. Instructions are provided and students assistants are available to help if necessary. Please come with your finished poster file ready to print.

  • Important Information for Printing Posters:

    • Sizing - 2 ft x 3 ft and 3 ft x 4 ft are the most commonly used poster sizes. Before you create your poster, make sure to set the size. Adjusting the size after completing your poster will likely cause items to move on your poster.

    • File Format - PowerPoint, PDF, or image file such as JPEG. PDF is the recommended format because it prints more reliably.

    • Access - To access the poster printer, you will first need to visit the Support Desk in 0640 Lagomarcino. The Student Assistants on duty will take your ISU card until you have paid for your poster. They will then log you in to the poster printing computer.

    • Cost - Posters are $1.40 per square foot. A 2 x 3 poster is $8.40 and a 3 x 4 poster is $16.80.

    • Methods of Payment - The CTLT only accepts cash, checks, or intramural forms. Posters cannot be charged to a UBill. If charging to an intramural account, please come with an ISU purchase order form for each poster being printed.


  • The CTLT has two laminators available for use:

    • 24" Roll Laminator - Laminate paper up to 24 inches wide. Cost is $0.10 per inch. After laminating, bring your lamination to the desk so it can be measured. The Student Assistants on duty will then tell you the total cost.
    • 36" Roll Laminator - Laminate paper up to 36 inches wide. If you plan on laminating your 3 x 4 poster, please notify the CTLT Support Desk so they can let the laminator heat up. The laminator can take up to 10 minutes to heat up. Cost is $0.15 per inch.

3D Printing

  • The CTLT has a Makerbot Replicator 3D printer available for student use. All designs are subject to CTLT approval before being printed. The cost is $0.05/gram of filament. The amount of filament your design uses will be determined before printing. Please visit the Support Desk in 0640 for instructions and more information.

Media:Scape Stations

  • In 0640 Lagomarcino, the CTLT has four Media:scape stations. These are great for group work because they provide each individual at the table their own connection to a large LCD TV. Up to six groups members can easily display and share their devices on the large screen so all members can see. The Media:scape stations can be used at any time without reservations, but you can make a reservation if you wish.

Silhouette and Cricut Cutters

  • Use the Silhouette and Cricut Cutters in 0640 Lagomarcino to easily cut out shapes and letters in paper or vinyl. Accessories can be found at the Support Desk in the CTLT. Construction paper can be purchased for $0.10 a sheet.

Green Screen

  • The CTLT has a green screen set up in 0665 Lagomarcino. This can be used to replace the background in photos and videos. A mobile stand is also available if you would like to use the green screen somewhere other than 0665. To reserve 0665 or the mobile stand, please visit the Support Desk in 0640 Lagomarcino.


  • The CTLT offers various methods to bind papers and projects. Comb, plastic spiral, wire, and disc bindings are available for purchase. Binding sizes range from 0.25 inches to 1.5 inches and costs range from $0.20 to $0.60. For a complete listing of sizes and costs, visit the Support Desk in 0640 Lagomarcino Hall.