Grants: Funded Projects

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Project: GK-12: Growing the Green collar Workforce for the 21st Century
Funded By: National Science Foundation [$2,737,000]
PI: Basil Nikolau (ISU)
Co PIs: Denise Crawford (ISU), Drena Dobbs (ISU), Adah Leshem-Ackerman (ISU), Kimberly O'Donnell (Des Moines Public School System).
Symbi, Iowa's first GK-12 Program is a partnership between Iowa State University and the Des Moines Public School District. Symbi is funded by the National Science Foundation to support Iowa State University graduate students (Fellows) conducting interdisciplinary research in areas associated with biorenewables.

Project: Iowa Illinois Nebraska STEM Partnership for Innovation in Research & Education Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation
Funded by: National Science Foundation, Award Number HRD-1102461, 2011-2016
ISU Team Members: Derrick Rollins, Krishna Athreya, Laura Centeno-Diaz, Mary Jo Gonzales, Thelma Harding, Connie Hargrave, Michael Lazere, Patricia Leigh, Craig Ogilvie, Chitra Rajan, Debra Sanborn

The Iowa Illinois Nebraska STEM Partnership for Innovation in Research and Education IINSPIRE-LSAMP is an alliance among sixteen state, private, and community colleges in Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska, working together to broaden the participation of underrepresented minorities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education in the Midwest. In particular addressing the need to remove the barriers impeding student progress and success in STEM fields before education and workforce disparities widen. The research on underrepresented ISU Carver scholarship recipients concerning retention and persistence to graduation within STEM majors is relevant to the grant. Carver scholars in STEM majors are among those recruited into the programs and events sponsored by the ISU IINSPIRE-LSAMP team.

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Project: Shielding cucurbit crops for more resilient agroecosystems
Funded By: USDA , Specialty Crop Research Initiative. [$1,552,870]
PI: Mark Gleason (ISU)
Co PIs: Ana-Paula Correia (ISU), Donald Lewis (ISU), Cynthia Haynes (ISU), Ajay Nair (ISU), Mark Hanna (ISU), Mathieu Ngouajio (Michigan State University), Celeste Welty (Ohio State University), Mary Gardiner (Ohio State University), Shelby J. Fleischer (Pennsylvania State University), Elsa Sanchez (Pennsylvania State University), Mark Williams (University of Kentucky), Tim Coolong (University of Kentuck), Ricardo Bessin (University of Kentuck)

Project: Sustainable Systems for Cucurbit Crops on Organic Farms
Funded By: USDA [$1,102,130]
PI: Mark Gleason (ISU)
CoPIs: Ana-Paula Correia (ISU), Forrest Nutter (ISU), Donald Lewis (ISU), Laura Jesse (ISU), Jean Batzer (ISU)

Project: Customization of Food Safety Messaging for Retail Foodservice Employees
Funded By: USDA [$598,607]
PI: Susan Wohlsdor-Arendt (ISU)
CoPIs: Ana-PaulaCorriea (ISU), Mack Shelley (ISU), Catherine Strohbehn (ISU)

Project: Modeling Approach to Unifying Concepts Taught in a Professional MS Agronomy Curriculum
Funded By: USDA [$150,000]
PI: Kenneth Moore [ISU]
CoPIs: Ann Thompson (ISU), Fernando Miguez (ISU), Tom Loynachan (ISU), Allen Knapp (ISU)

Project: Training Maize Breeders for Sustainable Bioenergy Maize Production
Funded By: USDA [$499,966]
PI: Thomas Lubberstedt (ISU)
CoPIs: Ann Thompson (ISU), Michael Lee (ISU), Kendall Lamkey (ISU), William Beavis (ISU)