Educational Outreach

ITEC 2013 student assistants

CIT students Jamie Fath and Karl Hehr lead K-12 student technology fair

Curriculum and instructional technology Master's students and working professionals Jamie Fath and Karl Hehr led the Iowa Technology Education Connection board in coordinating the Central Iowa Student Technology Fair, April 1. The fair, held in the ISU Memorial Union, brought hundreds of youngsters in grades 2-12 together to showcase their own technology projects. School of Education students, as well as alumni with undergraduate minors in learning technologies, helped judge 220 projects ranging from a poignant video on bullying to a coffee maker programmed to track what it made. The youngsters explored intriguing new educational technologies between judging sessions, guided by scholars in the Center for Technology in Learning and Teaching. More Information

Culver and Wang Outreach

Culver and Wang Discuss how games can affect the learning process

Dennis Culver, CTLT Instructional Support Specialist, and former CIT student and CELT Instructional Development Specialist, Wei Wang were the facilitators of one of the CELT Teaching and Learning Circles (TLC) entitled "How games are changing society and impacting education." The discussion was guided by the book Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World by Jane McGonigal, 2011. Participants met for 5 consecutive Mondays between February 24 - March 31 and explored why games make us happy, and how games are changing society, and how it impacts us as educators. They also investigated how games can be implemented to guide the learning process. The CELT TLC are groups of 6 - 15 people who meet once weekly (or bi-weekly) for 4 - 6 times to discuss topics of common interest and/or books. Following their TLC leadership, Culver and Wang had the opportunity to present their findins at the CELT Morrill Professor Panel and Teaching Poster Symposium, on March 31 in the Campanile Room, Memorial Union. Click here for a copy of their poster. Click here for more information on CELT events.

Culver shares the CTLT digital open badge experience at a CELT Seminar

ITEC 2013 student assistants

Dennis Culver, CTLT Instructional Support Specialist, presented how CTLT has adopted the use of digital open badges as a way to motivate students to learn new skills, demonstrate their knowledge, and provide excellent service. The seminar entitled “Next Level: How using digital open badges can motivate your students” was held on Monday, February 17 as part of the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) Seminar Series. Culver explained the importance of digital open badges, and how they can capture a student’s competencies. The seminar provided a starting point for those interested in implementing a digital open badge system to help advance student learning.

ITEC 2013 student assistants

CTLT student assistants were part of the technical support team at the ITEC 2013 Conference

The Iowa Technology and Education Connection (ITEC) Conference was held in Des Moines from October 13-15. Four CTLT student assistants, two graduate teaching assistants, and a few other Learning Technologies minor students formed the technical support team at the conference that attracted somewhere around 1,500 participants.

The ITEC Conference this year offered nearly two hundred sessions and workshops and more than 80 exhibitors. Session topics were: Digital Age Teaching and Learning, Professional Learning, School Improvement, Virtual Schooling/e-Learning, and Technology Infrastructure. The two keynotes sessions were led by Cheryl Lemke, president and CEO of the Metiri Group on Creativity and Innovation and Jeff Utecht, an educational technology consultant, educator, and author on A New Learning Landscape. More Information

itec students

Helping Iowa Schools discover the educational use of the iPads

United Community Schools Boone, IA – January 21, 2013

Dennis Culver, the CTLT Instructional Support Specialist, is helping Iowa classroom teachers understand the power of technologies like the iPad for education.

Dennis had the opportunity to work with PreK-6th grade teachers from the United Community Schools, in Boone, IA, on understanding how to use and teach with iPads as a part of their professional development day. The session instructed teachers on the basic functions of the iPad, the implications of teaching with iPads, the importance of properly evaluating apps, and how to use the iPad's accessibility features with students with special needs. Several learning apps were also demonstrated. In addition, the school had recently begun using Google's Apps for Education, so Dennis discussed this suite of tools such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Google Sites.

itec students

CTLT Student Assistants Make up the Technical Support Team at the 2012 ITEC Conference in Des Moines, IA

Several CTLT assistants (6 undergraduates and 3 graduate students) worked for 3 days at the Iowa Technology Education Connections Conference helping teachers and other educators with the technical issues. The ITEC Conference was held in Des Moines IA, from October 14-16, 2012.

ITEC promotes the use of technology in education by demonstrating to its members, other educators and the public, developments in educational technology and how its appropriate use supports teaching and learning. More information.

CTLT at the iExploreSTEM Festival – September 18, 2011

ctlt iexplorestem banner

The CTLT provided an opportunity for approximately 900 children, and their parents, to explore digital learning tools for math and science at the first iExplore STEM Event on Sunday, September 18, 2011 in Coralville, IA. More information.

During their visit to the CTLT booth, the children, and their parents, explored the iPads as digital learning tools and were introduced to the Geom-e-tree and Planets Apps. The use of the Geom-e-tree App allowed children to experiment with symmetry, shapes, and angles all while creating complex and visually stunning patterns. The use of the Planets app allowed children to not only view and observe the rotation directions and speeds of the planets and the moon, but to rotate, and zoom in on a detailed spherical image of each.

dennis opptag group

OPPTAG Investigation Series Conference – March 24, 2011

As part of the Office of Pre collegiate Programs for Talented and Gifted (OPPTAG) Investigation Series Conference, the CTLT hosted a game development session for several middle school students led by Dennis Culver.

The Investigation Series Conference invites some of Iowa's brightest students to ISU's campus for a day filled with state of the art technologies and hands on activities. Students were shown how to create and program their own videogame using Microsoft's Kodu Game Creator application.