Breakout EDU materials

Breakout EDU is similar to a “breakout room” in that students must solve a series of puzzles (commonly connected to content they are learning) to reach a final goal. This game-based tool fosters collaboration and problem solving among students. Having students create their own breakouts is beneficial as well.

If you would like to conduct a Breakout EDU, please complete the CTLT’s Breakout EDU Request Form.

Once the form is submitted, CTLT staff will prepare the materials your requested and make them available for pick up.

Items available for checkout:

  • Various types of locks
  • Boxes of varying size
  • Black lights and invisible ink pens

Age/grade range: Breakout games can be designed for all ages.

Link to educator resources: 

Available accessories and/or curricula: 

TAGS by Breakout Edu app – This app is available to download on the CTLT’s iPads. The Tags app allows you to quickly and easily scan Breakout EDU tags to play digital games right on your mobile device. In addition, there is a QR Code scanner and RFID Scanner to allow players to unlock game content.