Outreach opportunities

The Center for Technology in Learning and Teaching (CTLT) regularly welcomes visitors who would like to learn more about what we do and how technology can be applied to improve student learning. Faculty and staff also visit schools to provide learning and professional development opportunities for students and school staff.

Whether you are a K-12 teacher in a local school or a colleague here at ISU, the CTLT can help you think about integrating technology into your instruction. Faculty and staff in the CTLT have expertise in a wide variety of technologies and the pedagogies necessary to implement these technologies effectively in a classroom.

Visit the CTLT

If you would like to visit the CTLT, please contact Sheley Johnson (sjohns@iastate.edu). Space is limited to groups of 30 people or less. Please plan your visit for at least 45 minutes in order for us to provide a more meaningful learning experience.

CTLT visits your classroom/school

CTLT faculty and staff will visit courses in ISU’s School of Education or K-12 schools. K-12 school visits depend upon proximity to ISU and the scale of the desired professional development or activity. Faculty and staff can be contacted directly (see the CTLT Faculty and Staff pages) or email us at ctlt@iastate.edu.