Graduate assistantships

Educational technology (EdTech) assistantships cover a wide variety of topics and provide graduate students with opportunities to work closely with an EdTech faculty member, or members, while gaining hands-on experience teaching, conducting research, or assisting with administrative projects.

Teaching assistantships (TA)

TAs share the faculty’s responsibility for undergraduate teaching or assist the faculty with the maintenance of a graduate level course. The TA’s teaching load will vary from class to class. All international graduate students who are offered or considered for a teaching assistantship are required to take the Oral English Certification Test (OECT). Two of the EdTech courses that frequently utilize TAs are: EDUC 201: Introduction to Digital Learning in the Pre-K-6 Classroom and EDUC 202: Introduction to Digital Learning in the 7-12 Classroom.

Research assistantships (RA)

RAs assist the faculty in conducting research. The RA’s tasks vary widely, but some examples of projects are:

  • TPACK Research
  • Evaluation of Education at a Distance Programs

Administrative assistantships (AA)

AAs support the activities of the CTLT. The duties of AAs vary widely from gathering, organizing, and analyzing information, to installing software in and maintaining the CTLT’s equipment. Examples include:

  • Tech Support
  • Instructional Designer
  • Distance Education Support

There are also many opportunities to seek assistantships across campus. Edtech students are highly desirable in other units across campus because they have expertise in technology integration, online learning, and instructional design.

Graduate Students on Assistantship receive a monthly stipend, and those in good standing will also receive a tuition waiver, based on the amount of time worked (1/4 time, 1/2 time, or 3/4 time).

For information on available graduate assistantships, please contact the CTLT Director Dr. Denise Schmidt-Crawford ( or 515-294-9141).