Research Focus Areas

  • Technology in teacher education: Study of technology integration in both formal and informal learning environments.
  • Digital learning spaces: Study of processes and design of learning spaces.
  • Technology leadership, innovation and applied research: Leading change and innovation with technology.

Research Areas of Our Faculty Members

Denise Schmidt Crawford, Full Professor

My scholarship focuses on critically examining Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) in the contexts of teacher education and K-12 schools. This research uniquely contributes to the field’s understanding of teachers’ development and application of TPACK with the ultimate goal of preparing teachers who effectively integrate content, pedagogy, and technology into classroom practice. In addition, I co-authored international research that led to the development of the Teacher Educator Technology Competencies (TETCs) – the knowledge, skills, and attitudes all teacher educators need related to teaching with technology throughout a teacher education program.

Other areas of interest include Technology use and integration in PreK-12 classrooms and teacher educationTeacher Educator Technology CompetenciesOnline Course Development and Design, and Evaluation of Online Learning.

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Evrim Baran, Associate Professor

My research investigates design, development, and evaluation of learning technologies in teacher education, P-12 STEM education, and higher education contexts. My scholarship intersects three interrelated disciplines: educational technology, human computer interaction, and learning sciences. I am leading the Learning Technologies and Teacher Education (LATTE) research group with students from diverse backgrounds, including education, HCI, design, and computer science. Check out my personal website for information on selected work.

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Benjamin Gleason, Assistant Professor

My scholarship has focused on the use of social media and development of new practices of learning, literacy, identity expression, and civic engagement. Currently, I am working on exploring how educational technology can be used in schools and society as a way to create humanizing, caring learning practices for teachers, students, and communities. Along the same lines, I am collaborating with colleagues to integrate art-based philosophies and approaches into traditional educational practices.

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