CTLT student assistants

Graduate assistants

Educational technology assistantships cover a wide variety of topics and provide graduate students with opportunities to work closely with an educational technology faculty member, or members, while gaining hands-on experience teaching, conducting research or assisting with administrative projects. Learn more

Name Email Position
Long He lhe@iastate.edu Admin assistant
Tyanez Jones tcjones@iastate.edu Teaching assistant
Ozlem Karakaya ozlem@iastate.edu Research assistant
Sarvinder Naberhaus sarvindr@iastate.edu Lecturer
Dagney Paskach dpaskach@iastate.edu Teaching assistant
Amy Updegraff aupde@iastate.edu Teaching assistant
Mina Valai valai@iastate.edu Teaching assistant

Undergraduate assistants

The Center for Technology in Learning and Teaching (CTLT) is continually seeking student assistants to work at the support desk assisting students with technology projects, troubleshooting computer and equipment problems, checking in and out equipment, and assisting faculty with technology in their courses. Learn how to become an SA.

Name Email Major
Logan Carlson logandc@iastate.edu Elementary education
Bailey Dufault bdufault@iastate.edu Elementary education
Megan Hadaway mhadaway@iastate.edu Elementary education
Mackenzie Heiserman maheiser@iastate.edu Elementary Education
Josephine McCarty mccarty1@iastate.edu Pre-integrated studio arts
Alyssa Pask ahpask@iastate.edu Elementary education
Madaline Sabella msabella@iastate.edu Elementary education
Madison Piehl mpiehl@iastate.edu Mathematics
Emma Rose elrose@iastate.edu Elementary education
Sara Rosenthal scr@iastate.edu Elementary education