Checkout Policies

School of Education students, faculty, and staff may reserve and checkout items from the CTLT Support Desk in 0640 Lagomarcino (phone reservations are not accepted). A valid ISU ID card is required each time you would like to check an item out. You must be enrolled in or associated with the School of Education (SOE) to checkout equipment. The CTLT’s equipment is primarily funded through the SOE students’ technology fees and checkout is restricted to SOE students.

If you are not in the School of Education and need to check out equipment, please visit ISU’s IT Services page for information on equipment available in Parks Library.

What do I need to check items out?

  • A valid ISU ID card

  • A current course schedule printed from AccessPlus (only if it is the first time you are checking an item out from the CTLT).

How long can I check items out?

  • Most items may be checked out for 1 day and may not be renewed. However, a future reservation may be made when the device is returned.

  • Friday checkouts: Equipment checked out on Friday will have a return date of the following Monday.

  • Back-to-back checkouts are not allowed. There needs to be at least a 2 hour break between checkouts. This allows for all SOE students to have equal access to the equipment.

  • Books will be checked out for 3 days unless otherwise specified. The maximum amount of time a book can be checked out is 3 weeks.

What happens if I return items late or damage items?

Every time you check an item out, you will sign a sheet of paper agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  • The late fee varies depending on the item checked out:

    • $40 per day or portion of day for equipment
    • $10 per day or portion of day for accessories
    • $1 per day for books
  • If damage occurs that can be repaired, your U-Bill will be charged a maximum of $500 for the cost of repairs.

  • If damage occurs that render the item no longer usable, your U-Bill will be charged for the full replacement of the item.

  • If equipment is lost or stolen while in your possession, your U-Bill will be charged for the full replacement of the item.

  • All fees are charged directly to your U-Bill.

A fee appeal form is available to students who wish to explain any circumstances under which the items were damaged or returned late.

Special reservations for School of Education courses, graduate students, and field experiences:

  • School of Education instructors may reserve mobile carts for their courses. The delivery of these carts is limited to classrooms in Lagomarcino Hall.

  • There are laptops available specifically for School of Education graduate students. These laptops have data analysis software such as SPSS and NVivo. These may be checked out for three weeks.

  • Kits can be formed with multiple devices to allow students to transport technology into classrooms, both on and off campus. This is a great solution for practicum students or student teachers that want to use technology with K-12 students. Please visit the Support Desk in 0640 Lagomarcino for questions on kits.