The Center for Technology in Learning and Teaching has two laminators that can be used to laminate posters and other items. If you would like to laminate please let the students at the Support Desk know. Once the laminator is turned on it will need 10-15 minutes to heat up before attempting to laminate.

  • Sizing – The smaller laminator is 24″ wide and the larger laminator is 36″ wide.

  • Cost – The small laminator is $0.05 per running inch.  The large laminator is $0.11 per running inch. Laminating a 2 x 3 poster costs $1.80 and laminating a 3 x 4 poster costs $5.28.

  • Methods of Payment – The CTLT only accepts cash, checks, or intramural forms. Lamination cannot be charged to a UBill. If charging to an intramural account, please come with an ISU Intramural Purchase Order form for each poster being printed. This form is available on the Controller’s Office website.

Lamination Policies:

  • The CTLT does not laminate for others. Students are expected to laminate their own items. CTLT staff will provide assistance if needed.
  • Bring your laminated items to the desk before trimming or cutting. The students at the Support Desk will measure your total lamination to determine cost. Once this is done you may cut out individual items from your lamination.

Please visit the Support Desk in 0640 Lagomarcino for more instructions and information.